Mike Veon


My name is Mike Veon and I love to make video games and jewelry. If you're here because of my video game world than please follow the Games navigation link at the top. Likewise, if you're here for my jewelry world follow the jewelry navigation link at the top.


Ever since I can remember all I’ve ever wanted to do was make video games. I recently finished my first game.

Swimmy Fish

The game is called Swimmy Fish. It’s a simple to play single touch or one key input arcade style game. Though it's excruciatingly difficult. Ten is a good score, fifteen is great, twenty is superb and thirty is nearly impossible.

The music is by Matt School. All art is by me and digitized from pictures I took myself.

It works on almost any computer, smart phone, or tablet. It runs in IE11, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Opera, on a PC, Mac, or Linux.

It works on Android and Apple phones and tablets in Mobile Safari, Firefox Mobile, Chrome for ios and Android, Dolphin, Mercury and Opera Mini.

It's in the Chrome Web Store, and Amazon App's Store (Kindle and Android) and will eventually be in the Apple, Google Play, and Windows app stores.

The easiest way to play it right now is to just go to Swimmy Fish with almost any browser on any device. If it's not working correctly please install any of the browsers listed above. It is free to play and ad supported.
Some screen shots: